Evening Standard on Endless Forms

“If music could be factory-produced, we would no doubt be flooded with new compositions from China. We aren’t, but in coming years we will hear more, and judging by last night’s premiere of his Endless Forms, we will also be hearing more of Fung Lam.

Born in Hong Kong in 1979, Lam was trained here, but Endless Forms makes no effort to blend East and West. Its opening, unfolding at medium tempo and volume and with brief interplay between harp and flute, recalls Debussy. Later, the slow harmonies and tolling chimes bring Arvo Pärt to mind. Yet Lam, working with a carefully constructed minimum of material, shapes his musical world with dreamy individuality.”

The Independent on Endless Forms

“... this nine-minute piece ... showed that this 33-year-old Hong Kong-born composer has a distinctive voice. Needing no special pleading, it trod an assured path through a conventionally tonal landscape, with bright woodwind phrases penetrating gentle washes of colour, and string textures of seductive warmth and transparency. For much of its length it felt more like the suggestion of lyricism than the thing itself, but its climax had a Mahlerian lusciousness ...”

Classical Source on Endless Forms

“The 14-minute work opens with zigzagging chromatic ascents and descents – its musical DNA – tracing a journey from darkness to light. The material unfurls gently, fragile and somewhat sombre in character. The secondary theme is most attractive, anxious strings leading to a beautiful melody over oscillating woodwind before the piece concluded with chiming bells resonating through the Royal Albert Hall’s spacious acoustic.”

South China Morning Post on Illumination

“It’s a slowly morphing, 12-minute piece that, in most young composers’ hands, would sound as if it was wandering around a room with no exit, but Lam shows an instinctive feel for when to nudge things along.  Using minimal harmonic and melodic material, the elemental shifts came right on cue to sustain attention.”

CASHFLOW, Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong on Inner Light - Homage to Mark Rothko

“... Lam’s Inner Light, however, provides an added dimension of the expression of emotions from a symphonic wind orchestra ...  Though barely noticeable, the layers of tone colours create huge tensions, while the piano contribution represents the suppressed and struggled character throughout the piece …  Unlike most works for symphonic wind orchestra, Inner Light expresses the most sophisticated emotion which is the pressure that inescapably originates from the trivialities of modern life ...  Inner Light illustrated the fact that a symphonic wind orchestra can express inner and deep emotions and is not restricted to merely creating sensational and superficial sounds and emotions.”

Asian Music Festival Final Report, Chou Wen-Chung, composer, on Inner Light - Homage to Mark Rothko

“There were some excellent scores, including ... Inner Light by Fung Lam ... (a) thoughtful and effective piece ...”

The Independent on Caged

“Fung Lam used a backing track that sounded like crowds in a subway station in pursuit of his successful evocation of claustrophobia, which had the cello alternating a nagging main idea with dreamlike withdrawals.”

Sydney Morning Herald on Amitabha

“Fung Lam's Amitabha was a still pentatonic meditation, like a morning breeze over quiet water.”


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Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 4 - Guest-presenter on a classical music programme (8 episodes), presenting a selection of his favourite contemporary pieces as well as his own compositions. (2005)


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